ToN Site Update 20 Aug 2017

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ToN Site Update 20 Aug 2017

Post by lucinvampire on Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:39 pm

Hi everyone
Please see the list below for what’s been included on this site update…
Scout (Humans) – added 24 armoury character images.
Sentinel (Vampires) – added 24 armoury character images.
Summoner (Vampires) – added 28 armoury character images.
Tyrant (Vampires) – added 29 armoury character images.
Vanguard (Humans) – added 32 armoury character images.
Perks (Game Content) – created a page and added the images and description for each perk.
The next mission is to start work on sorting/cropping the character previews from the store, another big job but hopefully it won’t take too long to do.
Thanks for stopping by


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