So this is what I'm here for.

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So this is what I'm here for. Empty So this is what I'm here for.

Post by Mr Hix on Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:56 pm

If anyone else thinks the franchise should have a dedicated online RP thread then hit me up. I am down for the world building and fleshing out of that world.

I prefer the timeline of the Nosgoth game but it's all good really.
Seriously there are even interesting things you can do with the setting of Blood Omen 2. It opens up a nice juxtaposition between the time when the Vampires were persecuted and them being the rulers of Nosgoth in later years.

So yeah, I like to RP and I like this whole world. Let's get into it, I'm ready let's go already. This world only dies if we (the fans) let it.
Mr Hix
Mr Hix

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