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ToN Site Update 8 Dec 2017 Empty ToN Site Update 8 Dec 2017

Post by lucinvampire on Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:12 pm

Hi everyone
Sorry it’s been a while since the last site update, I’ve finally found some time to do another small update to the site, here’s what’s been included in this one…
Dead Sun Comparison (Nosgoth) – created a new page which shows the findings from the comparison of Nosgoth and Dead Sun, special thanks to Andrew Nosgothian for this one.
Unreleased Content (Nosgoth) – created a page for some findings relating to unreleased Nosgoth content, special thanks goes to Rlady for sharing this information in her YouTube videos.
Nosgoth 3ds Max Tutorials (Fan Projects) – added a page for RDlady’s videos, along with an about RDlady page.
Forbidden Fruit: My Beautiful Enemy (Fan Projects) – added one new comic page of Varulven’s erotic comic, the back cover and 2 credits pages.
Fan Art (Fan Content) – added 1 art piece by Varulven, and 40 pieces by lucinvampire.
Mature Fan Art (Fan Content) – added 4 mature artwork pieces by Varulven.
Other Fanworks (Fan Content) – added 2 images from RDlady’s recreation of the Raziel Statue from The Fane map, and 4 pieces by lucinvampire.
I was kindly sent lots of reference screenshots a while back by Andrew Nosgothian and am currently working through these and renaming them ready to upload to the site, so stay tuned as another update will hopefully be online soonish (well unless I get distracted by cosplay again).
That’s all for now though, thanks for stopping by.


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