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ToN Site Update 22 Jan 2018 Empty ToN Site Update 22 Jan 2018

Post by lucinvampire on Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:12 pm

Hi everyone
The following images have been added to the Tales of Nosgoth GoogleDrive and links added to the relevant areas on the website. All images have been kindly contributed by Andrew Nosgothian.
Crucible (Maps) – added 2 images NosCam screenshots
Provance (Maps) – added 1 images NosCam screenshots
Prophet (Humans) – added 53 images pf Cenobites Hood
Prophet (Humans) – added 10 images of Elite Lost Seer
Prophet (Humans) – added 19 images of Exalted Lost Seer
Prophet (Humans) – added 42 images of Relic Hunter
Prophet (Humans) – added 19 images of Witch of the North Woods
Prophet (Humans) – added 75 images of Woods Witch
Reaver (Vampires) – added 32 images of Dumahim Platemail
Reaver (Vampires) – added 42 images of Evolved Dumahim
Reaver (Vampires) – added 12 images of Imperial Guard Regalia
Reaver (Vampires) – added 17 images of Marked Dumahim
Reaver (Vampires) – added 34 images of Raiders Hauberk
Reaver (Vampires) – added 5 images of the Reaver’s Smoke Bomb
Sentinel (Vampires) – added 35 images of Dark Angels Carapace
Sentinel (Vampires) – added 34 images of Evolved Razielim
Sentinel (Vampires) – added 41 images of Hammerhead Husk
Sentinel (Vampires) – added 50 images of Iridescent Chitin
Sentinel (Vampires) – added 17 images of Evolved Marked Razielim
Sentinel (Vampires) – added 42 images of Marked Sentinel
Sentinel (Vampires) – added 30 images of Sentinels Armour
Summoner (Vampires) – added 13 images of Summoner’s Stalkers (Ghouls)
Summoner (Vampires) – added 12 images of Summoner’s Slayer (Large Ghoul)
Summoner (Vampires) – added 26 images of Evolved Melchahim
Summoner (Vampires) – added 24 images of Gilded Corpse
Summoner (Vampires) – added 45 images of Robes of the Imperial Guard
Summoner (Vampires) – added 37 images of Summoner’s Armour
Tyrant (Vampires) – added 23 images of Evolved Turelim
Tyrant (Vampires) – added 54 images of Warlord
That’s all the stuff I’ve been sent as of late now uploaded on the site. Again a big thank you to everyone for their contributions.
I’m now hopefully going to try to find some time to start going through my videos to upload them.
Thanks for stopping by Smile



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