Tales of Nosgoth site update - 30 Jun 16

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Tales of Nosgoth site update - 30 Jun 16 Empty Tales of Nosgoth site update - 30 Jun 16

Post by lucinvampire on Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:55 pm

Sorry I forgot to post this on here last night...

Hi everyone!
Here’s what’s been going on to create this week’s update…
Across the site – changed the fonts and font size on pages to make it easier to read as per a member suggestion. Also added a colour background so it should be easier to view/read the site when viewing of weird resolutions.
Game Modes (Game Content tab) – added some official images relating to the game modes.
Tutorials (Game Content tab) – added a page, its currently blank but there ready for a future update.
Hunter (Humans tab) – added official released images and tidied the page up.
Leagues & Leagues Continued (Nosgoth tab) – updated these pages and added images to Leagues Continued.
Promotional Images (Nosgoth tab) – updated with official released images.
Merchandise (Nosgoth tab) – added a page relating to the merchandise available.
Founders program (Nosgoth tab) – gave the page a face lift.
Nosgoth (Nosgoth tab) – updated this with official released beta images.
Game Packs (Nosgoth tab) – added a new page and added some images to it.
Forbidden Fruit: My Beautiful Enemy (Fan Projects tab) – added links to page one and two of Varulven’s comic.
Mature Fan Art – (Fan Content tab) added a page which is currently blank, artwork will hopefully be added soon.
Comics (Fan Content tab) – added a page, it’s currently blank but ready for future updates.
Alpha and Beta Keys (Nosgoth tab) – tidied up page an added a couple of images.
Thank you all for stopping by and stay tuned for more updates!

-------------------------------For Nosgoth!-------------------------------

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