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ToN Site Update 14 Jul 16 Empty ToN Site Update 14 Jul 16

Post by lucinvampire on Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:17 pm

Hi everyone!
Another week has passed and I have another update for you all, here’s what’s been worked on this week…
General stuff – added pictures/headers to pages to make them look prettier.
Promotional Images – added backgrounds and Nosgoth flags featured in Rocket League.
Scout – added official artwork and screenshots.
Sentinel – added the official art and screenshots.
Nosgoth – added official item renders.
Official Videos – added a page to the Videos section, it’s currently blank though ready for future work.
Wallpapers – added official wallpapers.
Silenced Cathedral – added official artwork and screenshots.
Sommerdamm – added official artwork.
Valeholm – added official artwork.
Summoner – added official artwork and screenshots.
Tyrant – added official artwork and screenshots.
Vanguard – added official artwork and screenshots.
Forbidden Fruit: My Beautiful Enemy – added a new comic page link.
Fan Art – added an art piece by Varulven to get this page started.
During this week’s updated the site was slightly assaulted by the Elder God so if anyone notices anything that’s a little odd or anything that’s broken please let me know. I’ve tried to fix everything but you know what those squid are like, sometimes their tentacles hold onto things!
Well that concludes this week’s update and phase two of the site updates, all the official released posts, artwork, screenshots and promotional content that was shared on the Nosgoth blog, forum and Facebook page have now been added to the site! Woohoo!
I will now begin work on filling in the blank pages and then will move onto adding content which has been extracted and gathered by myself and fans.
Thanks for stopping by


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