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ToN Site Update 28 Jul 16 Empty ToN Site Update 28 Jul 16

Post by lucinvampire on Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:02 pm

Hi everyone
Here’s the low down on what’s happened in this week’s update:
Player Videos (Videos) – added some videos to this page and added information on how people can submit their Nosgoth videos.
Banners (Game Content) – added pictures of the banners.
Chests (Game Content) – added images to this page.
Daily Challenges (Game Content) – added a couple of images.
ESL (Nosgoth) – added some images.
All Maps – updated Crucible, Fane, Freeport, Provance, Silenced Cathedral, Sommerdamm and Valehom with aerial views of the maps.
Gold and Runestones (Game Content) – added some images to this page.
Loading Screens (Game Content) – added some more images to this page.
Game Modes (Game Content) – added some player images of CtB, FP and TDM.
Game Menus (Game Content) – Renamed this page to User Interface and added information to it relating to game menus and options and added some images.
Vampires – added some information about feeding.
Humans – added information about Health Stations.
Forbidden Fruit: My Beautiful Enemy (Fan Projects) – added a link to a new comic page.
Fan Art (Fan Content) – added some of my silly cartoons to help get this page started.
Cosplay (Fan Content) – added pictures of the Nosgoth cosplays I’ve done over the years to help get this page underway.
Media (Fan Content) – added some of my videos to get the page started.
Other Fanworks (Fan Content) – added information on how content can be submitted to this page and added some of my creations to get it started.
Imgur gallery – updated it to bring it up to date with the site.
Please feel free to submit any of your own fanworks (cosplay, artwork, mature artwork, media, videos or other) to us if you would like them included on the site.
Well…and that’s it for this week, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more stuff.


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