ToN Site Update - 12 Jan 17

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ToN Site Update - 12 Jan 17 Empty ToN Site Update - 12 Jan 17

Post by lucinvampire on Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:58 pm

Hi everyone

I’ve found a little time to put together another update for the site, this time mainly focusing on the Steam area because it was pretty blank looking, here’s what’s been updated:

Steam Badges (Steam Content) – added images of the badge icons.

Steam Trading Cards (Steam Content) – added individual images of the Trading Cards and Foil Cards.

Steam Emoticons (Steam Content) – added images of each of the emoticons.

Steam Wallpapers (Steam Content) – added the wallpapers that were available on Steam.

Merchandise (Nosgoth) – added some photos of the merchandise that was available for Nosgoth.

Launcher (Game Content) – added an image of the launcher and Steam installation screen.

Forbidden Fruit: My Beautiful Enemy (Fan Projects) – added page 19 of the comic.

If anyone has any official merchandise that isn’t shown on the Merchandise page, please message me a picture so it can be included.

That’s it for this update, there’s still more to follow!


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