ToN Site Update - 17 May 2017

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ToN Site Update - 17 May 2017 Empty ToN Site Update - 17 May 2017

Post by lucinvampire on Wed May 17, 2017 11:33 pm

Hi everyone
I’ve finally got around to doing another site update – woohoo! sorry for my two-month absence from putting something together, I really don’t know where the time has gone!
Actually I do, I had some personal stuff to deal with, set up a website for a local group, I was also dicked around by some people but enough of that…anyway though, I do apologise but hopefully things will start to calm down a little and become more balanced now – well that’s unless Kain’s involved and then we’re royal screwed for the next few thousand years heh.
Enough of that drivel on with what’s been updated on the site…
Chests (Game Content) – added two more images to this page.
Game Modes (Game Content) – added two images relating to Private Match set-up and five images showing the different game mode option screens.
Loading Screens (Game Content) – added six screenshots of match loading/syncing screens.
Merchandise (Nosgoth) – added two images of the Razielim wing t-shirt.
User Interface (Game Content) – added images for the following areas; User Interface, Inventory, Lobbies, Class Selection, Settings, Death Screens, Scoreboards, Store and NosCam. Added texts for Death Screens, Scoreboards and Class Selection.
Launcher (Game Content) – Renamed Launcher page to Steam and Launcher and added some images of the game installation, Launcher and Steam interfaces.
Leagues Continued (Nosgoth) – added a screenshot of the league season screen.
Game Release and Closure (Nosgoth) – added another line of text and the closure message.
Fan Art (Fan Content) – added a fan art by Varulven.
Forbidden Fruit: My Beautiful Enemy (Fan Content) - added a new comic page.
Tales of Nosgoth: Card Game (Fan Projects) – added a small update on this project and added another teaser image.
My next mission is to go through the armoury screenshots I have and load images of each of the characters skins (front, back and sides). This may take a while but I’ll try to do it in bite size chunks rather than there be a huge gap in between updates.
Thank you everyone for stopping by and your continued patience.
:vampires: :humans:

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