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Post by lucinvampire on Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:18 pm

Hi everyone
I’ve just finished putting together a nice chunk of an update for you all J
Well what’s been happening? I’ve now finished uploading my screenshots from NosCam and I’ve now moved on to sorting through the files members have submitted.
As there are quite a lot of files and to make it a bit easier on the bandwidth all the content we’ve screenshotted will be uploaded to GoogleDrive. The plus side to this is it’ll make it easier for people if they want to download the files or pictures.
So how do you get to the GoogleDrive? Well I’ve put screenshots and links on the relevant pages that have stuff featured on them to make it nice and simple, and I’ll add more screenshots/links as I begin to upload more goodness.
Well enough waffle here’s what’s on this update…
Game Modes (Game Content) – added 3 images of the Capture the Body markers/altars, 1 image of a Flashpoint marker.
Humans (Humans) – added 1 image of a Supply Station.
Vampires (Vampires) – added 1 image of blood.
Nosgoth (Nosgoth) – added 21 closed beta in-game images, 4 open beta in-game images, added 32 images of the closed beta ‘original’ user interface design.
Sound Bytes (Game Content) – added audio and sound extracts (JLogan, Count Eyokir & Madam Purple)
Mature Fan Art (Fan Content) – added 2 artworks by Varulven.
Forbidden Fruit: My Beautiful Enemy – added another page of Varulven’s erotic comic.
Crucible (Maps) – added 120 NosCam screenshots.
Fane (Maps) - added 96 NosCam screenshots.
Freeport (Maps) - added 118 NosCam screenshots.
Provance (Maps) - added 71 NosCam screenshots.
Silenced Cathedral (Maps) - added 133 NosCam screenshots.
Sommerdamm (Maps) - added 88 NosCam screenshots.
Valeholm (Maps) - added 112 NosCam screenshots.
Alchemist (Humans) – added 37 NosCam screenshots.
Beastmaster (Humans) – added 17 NosCam screenshots.
Deceiver (Vampires) – added 19 NosCam screenshots.
Humans (Humans) – added 16 NosCam screenshots.
Hunter (Humans) – added 13 NosCam screenshots.
Nosgoth (Nosgoth) – added 34 NosCam screenshots.
Prophet (Humans) – added 27 NosCam screenshots.
Reaver (Vampires) – added 25 NosCam screenshots.
Scout (Humans) – added 19 NosCam screenshots.
Sentinel (Vampires) – added 21 NosCam screenshots.
Summoner (Vampires) – added 19 NosCam screenshots.
Tyrant (Vampires) – added 26 NosCam screenshots.
Vampires (Vampires) – added 14 NosCam screenshots.
Vanguard (Humans) – added 15 NosCam screenshots.
As I’ve already mentioned I’ve now started sorting and renaming all the members submitted files, this shouldn’t hopefully take too long, though there are quite a few to get through – thanks to all you generous and lovely people.
Stayed tuned for another update hopefully soonsish J

:humans: :vampires:

-------------------------------For Nosgoth!-------------------------------

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