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ToN Site Update 16 Jan 18 Empty ToN Site Update 16 Jan 18

Post by lucinvampire on Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:14 pm

Hi everyone
Happy new year to you all!
I’ve finally got around to getting an update online for the site, all the below images have been kindly been contributed by Andrew Nosgothian, so take a look at some of the reference shots he’s squirreled away…
Alchemist (Humans) – Bloody Victor added 39 images
Alchemist (Humans) – Elustra’s Mask added 27 images
Alchemist (Humans) – Robes of the Desert added 36 images
Beastmaster (Humans) – Druid’s Hood added 30 images
Beastmaster (Humans) – Furs of the Scourge added 17 images
Beastmaster (Humans) – Hunter’s Furs added 26 images
Beastmaster (Humans) – Raptors Mail added 27 images
Beastmaster (Humans) – Treshawk added 12 images
Deceiver (Vampires) – Ashen Torturer added 26 images
Deceiver (Vampires) – Deceivers Armour added 22 images to the existing folder
Deceiver (Vampires) – Evolved Zephonim added 55 images to the existing folder
Deceiver (Vampires) – Flayers Harness added 39 images
Deceiver (Vampires) – Imperial Guard Vestments added 52 images
Deceiver (Vampires) – Infiltrators Mantle added added 25 images
Deceiver (Vampires) – Robes of the Manipulator added 32 images
Hunter (Humans) – Bloody Survivor added 22 images
Hunter (Humans) – Bloody Victor added 33 images
Hunter (Humans) – Dead Man’s Mail added 21 images
Hunter (Humans) – Exalted Ironguard added 33 images
Scout (Humans) – Elite Watcher added 27 images
Humans – Sun Emblem added 5 images
I’ve still got lots more files to sort through and then get online, so stay tuned as there’s quite a few more reference shots still to come!
Thank you for stopping by Smile



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