Tales of Nosgoth Update – 23 Jun 16

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Tales of Nosgoth Update – 23 Jun 16 Empty Tales of Nosgoth Update – 23 Jun 16

Post by lucinvampire on Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:19 pm

Hi everyone!

This week I have a bit of a mahassive update for you all! I know last week I said I’d start to limit my time a bit because I was getting exhausted but yeah so that didn’t happen.

Anyway, the following areas have been updated across the site this week…

Beastmaster – (Humans tab) page has been updated with artwork and screenshots.

Deceiver – (Vampires tab) updated this page with images and remodelled it.

The Crucible – (Maps tab) added artwork to this page and updated it a little.

The Fane – (Map tab) updated the page to look nicer and added concept art of the map.

Freeport – (Map tab) added map artwork to the page and gave it a facelift.

About Tales of Nosgoth – (Home tab) updated this page with fonts and stuff.

Tales of Nosgoth Contributors – (Home tab) updated this one a little too to make it a bit more shiny.

Loading Screens – (Game Contents tab) this page was updated with a little write-up and images.

Community Events – (Nosgoth tab) added official photos to this page and updated it.

Game Events – (Nosgoth tab) added official photos from the events to the page.

I decided also to focus some work on the Fan Projects area of the site, which was previously blank, the following bits have been added…

Forbidden Fruit: My Beautiful Enemy & Varulven – pages were updated to contain information on the artist and her project.

Nosgoth: Legacy of Kain Audio Dramas & Count Eyokir – updated these pages with information relating to the project and its creator.

Best Vampire Pals Comic & Vamphira – updated the page with information and added a page about its creator.

Lucinvampire – added a page and connected it to the Tales of Nosgoth Card Game page to explain about its creator.

And that’s all this week folks, check back for more goodies soon!


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